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When Will Your Journey Start?

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My Athletic Journey

I began my career in athletics at the age of 4 in baseball/basketball, 8 in judo, and boxing at 10-½. At 15 my mom finally said I could play football,

and that’s when the training was supposed to get serious. The problem back then was all of my coaches were fat, or sickly skinny. They were smoking a pack to two a day, and were not educated about nutrition or training for that matter.

Even in college my strength coaches were kinda just slapping stuff together. Train harder and lift as much as you can with no real adaptation, or goal for the different types of athletes and positions we played. But, when I graduated college I met Paul Chek. He taught me everything he knew at the time and allowed me to train with him. To watch him generate so much power, and strength in the training was unique for me. I had been lifting weights since I was 15, but never consistently, and never with a purpose.

About 6-months later Paul says, “hey a buddy of mine is coming into town, and we are gonna do some training, and I need you to be here.” Charles Poloquin walks in the door and now I’m training with the both of them, and my progress starts going through the roof. Now my strength is surpassing both of them, and they are both, not only stoked for me, but definitely wishing they were a little younger to put me in my place. 

I’ve never lifted any other way after that, and I must say for my age I am most likely one of the strongest and most athletic people you will ever meet. Something you will understand on your path to maximizing your athletic output. 

My Nutrition Journey

My first daughter Olivia was born with a congenital disease in 1997 (meaning from birth). As the endocrinologist put it to me and her mom, “Olivia is not going to be the most athletic, nor is she going to be able to be like other kids, and.. she might only live to be in her early 30’s.” That’s when I started to research, and boy did I feel stupid. It took me years to understand the lingo, more to understand the studies themselves, and even longer to understand why the studies were so bleak.  Ultimately, I was left with no answers to my questions.

The food used for the studies, or the medication used were always something that had no relevance to what they were trying to ascertain. My god what a fucking roller coaster I was on.  As a result, in 2006-2007 I began searching for mentors in this field of research, and began picking their brains. Wow is the first word that comes to mind, these dudes are the smartest humans on the planet, and they can see bullshit a mile away in these studies. In my first conversation with Ray Peat over email he says, “John you will find most of the studies need to be redone, and are most likely not even credible once you begin to understand.” Boy was he on the money.

A final note about my daughter: yeah she’s @od_fit on Instagram she will most likely live to be 100, play any sport, and be in shape her entire lifetime. She’s fucking amazing!



Image by Anastase Maragos


Fit Girl

6-MONTHS: $1350

Image by Hayley Kim Design

1 YEAR: $2400

No matter how you slice it we all want to be more athletic. Getting stronger, while increasing your muscle to fat ratio is what health is all about. The more muscle you have the stronger you are. As a result, you will hold less body fat, and increase your athletic potential. I’m gonna share not only my current training with you, but more importantly my nutrition. Once you understand your macro ratios you will begin a transformation of nutritional health you always wanted to possess.


You will have an all access pass to my knowledge. If you were to train with me for one session it would cost you $250 for the hour. I’m charging you $250 for the month, or $200 a month if you commit to a year, plus the ability to contact me with questions.

That’s all access, and affordable for you!





We met John about 7 years ago.  We walked into his gym wanting to join his boxing class just to get into shape.  We had just graduated college and had put on an extreme amount of weight.  Freshman 15 turned to 20 to 30, you get the picture. By the time we graduated you couldn't recognize us, or more like we didn't recognize ourselves.  We were so far away from the varsity athletes we were in high school it almost seemed like a lifetime ago.  We didn't buy any graduation pictures because of how fat we looked and felt. Our self- esteem was so low and our confidence virtually nonexistent; it was bad to say the least. 


Right away we knew John was different, his approach to training and nutrition is unparalleled.  We came in wanting to get into shape and never imagined us competing as USA Boxing amateurs. John completely changed our lives, he honestly saved us. 

Not only did he change our mindset in training and nutrition, but he changed our mindset in our everyday lives as well.

Isreal & Gonzalo Gomez
The Dykeman Process
John Dykeman

John Expects the Best!

John expects the best out of you and expects you to approach everything with the same intent, doing something right and efficient.  I find myself doing the same and expecting the best out of myself in anything I am doing, whether it be in my career or social life. 


My standard for myself has elevated to the highest level possible. I have never felt better in my life. I look good and I feel amazing. I wish I would have met John earlier, but I will forever be eternally grateful that I did.  John has saved my life and I couldn’t imagine where I would be or what I would be doing if I had not walked into that gym all those years ago.

Gonzalo Gomez 

My Confidence Is Through the Roof

Since I have met John my confidence has been through the roof, and it's showing in my everyday life. I can honestly say, without John I would not be where I’m at. I am currently a Senior Engineer at this stage of my career, because I have developed a strong sense of self-worth, and a mindset to always put my best foot forward no matter how tough it gets.


This has allowed me to not only grow in my career, but to also grow as a person. I’m stronger than ever, and I can box with great skill and athletic ability, honestly I feel like a badass. Something I would not have ever dreamed of 7 years ago. Simply put, John is the real deal. 

Israel Gomez

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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